5 Methods for Dealing with Travel Sickness

Everyone knows that there is absolutely nothing worse than experiencing travel sickness when you head on a trip or on holiday. Travel sickness can leave you feeling extremely nauseous and can ruin any plans that you have, as it can be hard to enjoy your travelling experience when you are not feeling well at all. Travel sickness is not something that you just have to put up with and there are now ways that you can deal with it, here are 5 methods for dealing with travel sickness.  

Get plenty of sleep 

One of the best things that you can do to ensure that you do not feel unwell while travelling via vehicle is to get plenty of sleep. If your travel sickness is really bad, we even recommend trying to sleep your way through the trip. Getting a full night of sleep ahead of your trip will ensure that you don’t feel as nauseous as you usually do and is a great way to avoid feeling too sick. 


There is nothing wrong with choosing to use some type of medication in order to deal with your travel sickness. You can get designated pills from local pharmacies that are designed to help relieve any feelings of nausea. A great alternative to more traditional medicines is CBD. In recent years we have seen a sharp rise in people making use of cbd oil while travelling. It has been proven to reduce anxiety and combats nausea. And it can be taken in a variety of ways beyond just oil. Gummies. Tablets. Vaped.  

Distract with music 

If you are someone that is hesitant to try medication and you just want to try and ride out your feelings of illness, then we recommend that you do things to distract yourself. Something that a lot of people who deal with travel sickness do is listen to music. Choosing music that you can sing along to will keep you distracted enough that you may not even notice that you are feeling sick. If music doesn’t work, we also recommend watching videos on your phone and chatting to fellow passengers.  

Have Plenty to eat 

There is absolutely nothing worse than setting off on a long journey after eating nothing. Eating nothing can make you feel nauseous by itself and if you add the sickness that comes with travelling on top of that, then you will only feel worse. Before setting off on a trip, be sure to have a good meal. It is also recommended that you continue to eat throughout your trip to make nausea feel less intense. We recommend that you eat something like crackers and bread, as this will settle your stomach. 

Reduce Motion 

The reason that you feel incredibly unwell when you are travelling is actually due to motion sickness. The best way that you can reduce these feelings of sickness is by limiting your motion. Make sure that you are properly strapped into your seat so that you are not moving around too much and be sure that you are comfortable, as this will make any feelings of sickness much easier to deal with.   

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