All the Nations You Should Visit if You’re a Soccer Fan

As a soccer fan, it is natural to want to explore the world of soccer in a region that is not your own, it is very interesting to see how different nations interpret the rules and influence of sports teams with many regions competing on a worldwide level and others have a very high profile careers but within their own region. If you are a fan of soccer and are looking for your next holiday destination then keep reading for a list of some of the best nations to visit.  

The UK

Known mainly for its high profile and high stakes premier league the UK nation has been known for its football success stories for a very long time, so much so that the staggering transfer deals that occur every year are dealing with a minimum of a six-figure sum. The great thing about soccer or football as it is known in the UK is that it is so well integrated into mainstream society everyone seems to really enjoy themselves when they are involved with local matches, whether they visit the game in person or watch on from home or in the pub. 

 If you are looking for somewhere with a patriotic sentiment when it comes to supporting local teams within the premier league then the Uk’s soccer scene would be perfect for you. There are a variety of different regions within the UK itself including places with beaches, large cities, and countryside escapes, suitable for all of the family.  


You may not have been expecting to see America on this list but the fact is that while the US is more associated with games like baseball and basketball, soccer has actually been steadily growing in popularity for a long time now. Their participation in the world cup as well as the increased attendance by fans at state games shows how the American region is welcoming soccer into one of their most popular sports, it is nice to see a professional industry for hard-working players and that attitude makes it one of the best places to visit if you are a soccer fan.  

South Africa

South Africa is a pretty unique place to visit, known for its rich wildlife and exotic animals you may not have known that this nation has some very interesting attractions for soccer fans. The first attraction would have to be the very competitive soccer league that occurs on multiple seasons throughout the year, these games are very high profile and there really is some amazing talent amongst the teams. If you get the opportunity to visit I would urge you not to decline as there is even the opportunity to have a game on one of the pitches within Soccer CIty, for those of you that struggle with finding equipment for larger feet, you must check out these soccer cleats specially made for wider feet to prevent anything stopping you from having an enjoyable game and vacation.  



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