Discover the best museums in the lighthouse to visit on vacation

The lighthouse museum specializes in the exhibition of historical objects. If you are interested in visiting one of these museums, you should know that they are located in separate buildings. But in some cases, they can also be located on active or inactive headlights.
There are many objects in this museum, and most of them turn out to be very striking. Most of these items are tools that lighthouse keepers used in their time to keep the light on.
One of the most particular objects is the frenet lens. Likewise, other tools were also of great importance for their benefits. The use of lighthouses has been maintained over time, and today, navigators continue to use them, but now they are given a small museum operation.
There are a variety of museums in the lighthouse
Believe it or not, there are many lighthouse museums scattered around the world. The list is very long, so surely there may be a lighthouse museum near you. These museums have their entrance gate in the same lighthouse, and some are exclusive to private management.
In these museums, you will find the guardians’ residences, the lighthouse tower, or other buildings that aid. Although there are a considerable number of lighthouse museums, we will name some of them:
Stonington Lighthouse Museum (USA)
This lighthouse was in charge of lighting the ships’ entrance approaching the port of Stonington, in the Strait of Long Island. This strait is located in the Atlantic Ocean, and many rivers of New York flow there.
When it was created, the original tower was 30 feet, and then it was installed in 1823. At first, it held a lantern made up of 10 oil lamps, including parabolic reflectors. Due to the lighthouse’s size, it was highly visible, even at 12 nautical miles. They say there is a similar lighthouse somewhere in Canada
However, being at sea with time, it suffered a lot of deterioration due to erosion on the shore and storms.
In 1840, the structure was completely disassembled, and those same materials were reused to build a new infrastructure for this lighthouse. For this reason, until 1889, the light from this lighthouse remained active as a new lighthouse had been installed at the outer end of a new breakwater.
Thanks to this breakwater, the lighthouse entrance was kept protected, and from the beginning of 1927, it was converted into a museum. This museum has six exhibition rooms where you can see a great variety of this region’s history.
Boston Light Lighthouse Museum (United States)
This lighthouse is located near the Boston Harbor, and is the oldest in the United States. This museum was first built in 1716, and sixty years later, it was destroyed due to the War of Independence events. But then, restoration was done in 1783.
There is a lot of history in this country, and this lighthouse has witnessed many events. For example, George Worthylake, his first lighthouse keeper, drowned along with his entire family, returning from a Boston sermon. And just like this one, there are many more stories to tell.
Although this lighthouse museum is not as relevant as in previous years, many people still seek guides to visit the site.
Cabo De Gata Lighthouse Museum (Spain)
This lighthouse is located in the province of Almería, Spain. This lighthouse was built in San Francisco de Paula’s castle courtyard, right on the hill that the Romans called “Promontory of the Agates.” This name was due to many precious stones found in that place.
This lighthouse is made up of a tower 18 meters high, and at the beginning, for its lighting, a lamp was used that was fed with olive oil. By 1982, other elements such as paraffin and later oil began to be used.
The Cabo de Gata lighthouse is located nearby the coasts which are very dangerous, and many ships are known to have been stuck there. Many people come to this site, since you can appreciate a very beautiful view from the lighthouse, and you can see the monk seals.
The Municipal Museum Of The Lighthouse – Portugal
This archaeological museum is installed in Our Lady of the Assumption convent. When the convent ceased to function, these facilities were converted into a museum.
There is a very important archaeological collection in the lighthouse’s municipal museum because there are objects from the prehistoric to the medieval period. Also, there are important pieces from the Roman period, such as the ruins of the Milreu and the mosaic of the ocean.
You can also find tombstones with inscriptions and busts of Egyptian emperors. But this is not all, because there are also paintings and other elements that make this lighthouse museum highly visited.
Federico R. Alcérreca Lighthouse Museum – Mexico
The Chetumal lighthouse is an important historical site for its inhabitants. Its uprising began in 1949, and currently, after being rescued from its deterioration, it was restored to be converted into a museum. This region has a lot of sailing history, and while visiting the five rooms, you will get a closer look at its interesting history.
In this museum, you can also learn how a lighthouse works, and the life of this site’s builder, who is named after him in his memory. If you decide to visit this museum, you will be very entertained as there is also a lighthouse simulator very similar to a video game.
The Lighthouse Museums are very interesting
Most people want to do something different on the weekend or vacation. One of the best ideas is to go to a lighthouse museum, because they are full of history and curiosities. These are just a few of the most important museums, but the list is very long because museums like these are found worldwide.
Many tourists are attracted to this type of architecture used as museums. Museums are interesting places where you can learn a little more about history and culture. If there is a lighthouse museum near you, do not hesitate to visit it because you will not regret it.
Going to a lighthouse museum is worth it because you will see many exhibits and you will learn about the ancient customs of the people of each region.
Some of these lighthouse museums are named after who built them, or simply the location. If you want to visit one of these museums on your next vacation, you will not regret it because you can have a good time yourself or with your family.

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