Discover which are the 10 places you must see on your visit to New Jersey

You have to prepare to visit New Jersey and all its cultural diversity that awaits you in its counties. When you want to go on vacation, you inform yourself for a moment about the most relevant tourist sites. For New Jersey, you will have more than 10 places to see after your visit to take spectacular pictures.
Among the best things to see in NJ are natural and historical museums and many botanical gardens. While in New Jersey, you can take a minute to relax in these natural areas or where the view is breathtaking. When you finish touring New Jersey, you will feel that it has become your second home, and you will want to visit it again.
Among the 10 places you must see on your visit to New Jersey are:
Asbury Park In Monmouth County
You can see the perfect fusion between gastronomy, culture, and all kinds of musical entertainment in this city. With Asbury Park, you can learn more about the history of rock bands that left their mark on history. You can visit restaurants with live music around this area to create a pleasant atmosphere for you.
Among the most popular bars in Asbury Park stand The Saint, Paramount Theater, Wonder Bar, and The Stone Pony. You will also enjoy a promenade and lively beach parties in this coastal city.

  1. Presby Memorial Iris Gardens in Montclair, Essex County
    If you love nature, you have to go to Presby memorial gardens located in Essex County. In this garden, you will find an immense collection of lilies that have passed for many years. With many lilies that create a special background, you can take the most beautiful photos in your life.
    Lilies are not all that you can see in the garden because you will also have more than 3,000 different flowers available. Around 2.6 hectares make up the garden and have a bee sanctuary with more than 100,000 prospects. You can go to the Walther House museum on your visit to the garden and learn more about this natural area’s origin.
  2. Reeves-Reed Arboretum in Summit, Union County
    This is a botanical garden that takes the best Italian style with a mansion throughout the area’s center. You can see many azaleas and roses that place a very popular area for couples. Other flowers in the garden are daffodils and lilacs, covering most of the area at the end of the winter season.
    You will have two trails available to walk with your partner or family: Wildflower trail and Daylily Border. The botanical garden tour is short, and you have to dare to visit others in the city of Summit.
  3. High Point State Park between Wantage and Montague, Sussex County
    What is attractive about High Point State Park is that it is more than 500 meters above the sea and is a very high place. This is an impressive lookout point from which you can easily see Wantage and Montague Township in New Jersey. This park is made up of the Kittatinny Mountains extending into the Appalachian Mountains.
    You have to prepare to travel over 6,000 hectares to tour the entire park. High Point’s attractive point is Sawmill Campground, where you will be very close to the lake.
  4. Ocean City in Cape May County
    To have an amazing family atmosphere in New Jersey, you have to go to Ocean City right now. This town has more than one century of its foundation where it preserves its traditional and very cozy houses. With more than 13 km of beach, you can enjoy a good dip in summer when you go on vacation.
    These beaches in ocean city are suitable for surfing and other activities such as paragliding if you master this sport. Almost the entire area of ​​the city has playgrounds and theme parks that you have to go to.
  5. Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson
    If you want to go to the highest priority theme park in New Jersey, you must go to Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson. This park is proud to be the 2nd most important in the US for you to visit now. It is a park that is an activity for children and adults looking for adrenaline in the roller coasters.
    Inside Six Flags, you can enjoy a water park with games like Hurricane Harbor. You can go to the park at any time of the year, although the whole theme changes for Christmas.
  6. Duke Farms in Hillsborough
    Suppose you want to go to an ecological zone, visit Duke Farms in Hillsborough, very close to Princeton. You can enter this environmental area without paying a penny and fully enjoy its waterfalls. The most important places in the park are Coach Barn, Tropical Orchid Garden, and Hay Barn for you to visit.
  7. Delaware Water Gap
    You have the opportunity to appreciate the wonders of nature by visiting the Delaware River in New Jersey. This beautiful water area separates New Jersey from Pennsylvania through the Appalachian Mountains’ entire strip. With more than 2,800 hectares, you can travel the entire park on very comfortable trails that accept bicycle rides.
    You can go on the most popular trails in Delaware, such as Delfield Creek Trail and Red Dot Trail. Buttermilk Waterfall is a tourist spot that you should not forget when visiting this park and its astonishing 60-meter height.
  8. Cape May
    Cape May is the city with a lot of popularity in New Jersey due to its crystalline beaches that give a special view. This city is made up of Victorian-style houses and several historical monuments. You can go to the Cape May Point Park and go hiking with your friends.
    If you take the ferry from Cape May to Lewis, you will have a perfect view of the bay and its picturesque dolphins. This city offers you a lot of photos to upload them to social networks and be the center of attention.
  9. The Pine Barrens
    Finally, you have to go to Pine Barrens in New Jersey to see the beautiful pine trees that form in the area. For camping or just walking you can visit this park where nature has all the freedom. There are many trails that you can walk or bike to have a different day of vacation.
    You can go to the East Plains located in Warren grove to walk among the pygmy pines and take lots of photos. This park has more than one century since its foundation, where you will find a warm environment accompanied by pine trees.
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