Know the best theme parks in New Jersey

In New Jersey, you will enjoy natural parks in its ten counties and theme parks and attractions. There is nothing like unloading your adrenaline on a machine that will suspend you from many feet above. If you love feeling the adrenaline rushing through your body in these amusement parks, you must go to the State of New Jersey.
If you plan to go to New Jersey in the coming months, you should prepare yourself for your tourism’s best information. You may already know the state parks are gaining relevance in the state, but now it is theme parks. With an amusement park in the state, you can take your children or have fun by yourself in its different games.
Amusement parks in the state can also be aquatic for you to choose to dive in a bit. All the tastes you have in amusement parks are available in New Jersey under the best attractions. You have to mentally prepare to visit all these innovations that a small state like NJ offers you.
One park that has gained dominance in New Jersey over the years is located at the CC American Dream. This amusement park has a Nickelodeon style that exceeds 300,000 cubic feet, where different attractions are included. If you want to access the largest roller coaster in the state, you must go to this area in Bergen County.
If you want to get the most out of the bordering state of New York, you need to know your favorite amusement parks. Although New Jersey is home to about 15 amusement parks, some tourists gain priority. It is time for you to learn about the parks available in the state and their special characteristics.
Fantasy Island In Beach Haven, Ocean County
This is a coastal park with access to all kinds of games set on the island of fantasy. You can share with your children on the vintage-style carousel, which is excellent for taking pictures. Among other innovations that the park has is the Ferris wheel, where you can have an excellent sea view.
It is a relatively small park in a small town in Ocean County in western New Jersey. You can also access ice cream, candy, souvenir shops, and other things that identify you in this area. You can spend a fantastic evening with your family while the famous lights on the roulette wheel are on.
Bowcraft Amusement Park, Union County
If you love traditional parks, you can go to Bowcraft and its classic games available. It is a small park located in Union County where you can take your family to have fun. If you have young children, you will love visiting this park for its roller coaster for babies, pirate ships, and other attractions.
The park’s size is minimal but enough to find yourself in a warm environment. Bowcraft’s other attractions include swing, tilt a whirl, kiddie rides, and scambler. You can enjoy a river lunch with the different restaurants around the park.
The Amusement Park In Keansburg, Monmouth County
You may love coastal amusement parks like Keansburg so take your family now. You can enjoy different attractions in the park, such as roller coasters of different sizes, carousels, among other games. In this park, fun is present, and you can have it incredibly just by enjoying its games.
In Keansburg, you will also have a water park available to increase your current fun level. This playground is close to Runaway Rapids for you to go and enjoy their games. You will have a small play area that is very important to all Monmouth residents and tourists.

Boardwalk in Jenkinson, Ocean County
It is a very small park located on the Jersey Shore in Ocean County that you can go to any time. This boardwalk is identified as having many attractions such as family roller coasters, haunted houses, etc. You can get to know a bit of New Jersey history with this park that has been running since 1929.
If you are in Ocean County or fenced off areas, you can go one afternoon to the Jenkinson boardwalk. The host’s port is called “pleasant beach” because its waves are very bathing compared to other beaches. You can take many photos on this promenade and enjoy restaurants, casinos, and discos to form nightlife.
Morey’s Docks in Wildwood, Cape May County
To fully enjoy New Jersey, you must go to Morey’s Docks in Cape May. You will find the largest roller coasters on the Jersey shore for you to enjoy in this area. Morey is identified by having at least three classic parks, a boardwalk, and its beautiful pier.
If you want extra fun with the amusement rides that Morey offers, you can enter the available water parks. In total, there are 150 attractions that you can enjoy with or without your family when you go to Cape May. In hotel lines, you can also find the best category to stay.
La Esperanza, Lindenwold, Camden County – Zomato
If you want to go to emblematic areas in NJ, you must go to the small town of Hope in Camden county. This is a very small park intended for your smaller children with very good attractions. During the Christmas season, the park is dyed red and green to give you the best Christmas atmosphere that you deserve as a tourist.
You can make excursions throughout the park in a 4×4 vehicle, walk on foot, and access the available water games. It is a park with everything you can enjoy with your family and have a different afternoon. You can find excellent restaurants with Latin food so that you have a spicy and delicious sensation on your palate.
The Wild West Town Of Stanhope, Sussex County
For you to finish your ride through the best amusement parks in New Jersey, you must go to the city of the Wild West. Located in Sussex County, you can head to a classic park with the best western heritage for young and old. It is a park with few attractions but many exhibits of very striking shots.
You can have a fantastic day in the park where you can also choose to hunt for treasures, train trips, etc. If you like mini-golf in this park, you will also get it to cover your tastes in fun.

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