Learn about the 7 best things you can see in New Jersey

New Jersey is the State of surprises where you can enjoy your vacation in the best way with your family. If you want to go to NJ, you must know the best things to observe and enjoy to the fullest. This bordering State of New York is very popular, and you have to discover what their innovations are not to miss them.
Whether you live just hours or minutes from New Jersey, you must go to this place to find yourself in a very cultural environment. You can come to the State and visit the best natural, amusement, or water parks to distract yourself. New Jersey encompasses all your tastes, where regardless of your age, you will have fun like never before with its different tourist sites.
Although NJ is not the central focus for many tourists, you have to change your mind and know it completely. You have to know the 7 best things you can do in the State and thus have a good vacation. After you visit these tourist sites, your thinking about NJ will surely change, giving priority to your vacations in the future:
Union City in Hudson County on your first site visit
You have to go to the second city with the largest population in the United States in New Jersey, called Union City. To see a quality cultural car, you have to walk these streets of the city where there are many Latin, Cuban and German inhabitants. For many tourists, this city is like little Havana on the Hudson, where its food restaurants also distinguish it.
All the art representing the city will make your move to beautiful Cuba, where you will also find its inhabitants. You can feel very good surrounded by these happy people, you will have fun, and they will create in you perpetual happiness. Undoubtedly, Union City is the best place to visit in New Jersey, where tourism and foreign culture are present.
Among the tourist attractions that you can have in Union City are the art museum, September 11th Memorial, etc. You can also visit the natural history museum where the works on display are wonderful.
Go to Sterling Hill Mining Museum in Ogdensburg, Sussex County
If you’ve never been to a fluorescent art museum, you should go to the Sterling Hill Mining Museum right now. It is a very curious museum where you will have access to the best works given by national and international artists. You will learn a little more about minerals and how they are creating art that you can enjoy in a way.
The museum has some history because it was a mine where they extracted zinc and iron that kept working in New Jersey. The mine’s operations closed in 1986, which was later turned into a museum open to the public. They will surely love this museum for its striking colors in its exhibition rooms if you have children.
You can also go to the Sterling Hill Mining Museum to enter the Ellis Astronomy Observatory. In this observatory, you have at your fingertips a 50 cm telescope with an alpha telescope so that you can observe the sun. You must make a reservation in advance to enjoy this observatory in the mineral museum.
Visit the Jenny Jump blocks in Warren County
If you love nature, you have to go to Jenny Jump in Warren County to see beautiful trees. These trees are characterized by having a very high height making you feel tiny in front of them. This mountain forms the highlands between New York and New Jersey, just as it is part of the Appalachian Mountains.
To take beautiful photos in New Jersey, you must visit this forest in Warren. It has spectacular glacial rocks, good views, and trees that will cover your body in the warm shade.
Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton
If you are near Princeton, you can go to the Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton to see the best in art. You will come across more than 400 works dominated by natural and international artists throughout the museum. This museum is not common because it does not have walls making it look like an art park.
You can also artistically feed yourself with the RAT restaurant located within the museum premises. It is a restaurant that consists of water lilies with waterfalls, chimneys, weeping willows, and pedestrian bridges.
Don’t forget to visit the Newark Art Museum in Newark, Essex County
You must accept the appointment to visit the Newark art museum in the city of the same name in Essex. This museum is free to enter, and in it, you can enjoy many collections of international art. Among the works available in Tibetan art and an altar for Buddhists consecrated by the Dalai Lama.
If you want to enjoy the museum a bit more, you can go to Alice Ranson Dreyfuss Memorial Garden to see artistic performances. You can feel very good in this art museum, science, and religion, where everyone is welcome at no cost.
Take A Walk In The Palisades Near The Hudson River
You have to go to the Palisades interstate park to enjoy a pleasant walk on the trails near the Hudson River. You can walk along the entire border between New York and New Jersey in front of what would be Manhattan Island in this park. This trail is about 20 km long for you to walk, bike, and organize a picnic with your family.
The most popular trails in the park are Shore Trail and Long Parth that go north. Near this park is the Greenbrook sanctuary for you to see many birds.
Discover The Hacklebarney Park in Morris County
There is Hacklebarney Park to visit for outdoor activities in New Jersey. With more than 400 hectares that make up the park, you will feel free to enjoy nature fully. The waterfalls are the main attraction for these parks and their fauna and flora, which are very diverse.
The park gains a lot of popularity for the fall, where the ground is covered in all the fallen leaves. You can see how some events are held near the park due to autumn arrival.
If you have some time, you can go to Black River County Park, which has incredible glacial valleys for you to admit. You can also enjoy the corn mazes in this park, taste apple cider, and other things in this park. Undoubtedly you have to go to this place to enjoy the fauna, the environment and above all the peace that the park produces.

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