Learn about the natural wonders New Jersey has to offer

New Jersey is the exclusive destination for you to visit on your next vacation with or without your family. That is a very popular state for its tourism where there are many things to do throughout the area. As a travel fanatic, you have to know NJ and all the things you can do with little money.
New Jersey’s natural wonders are present across the state for you to visit now. You can come across many trails, forests, beaches, rivers, and even natural monuments that identify the state. It’s great to visit New Jersey, where its people are also receptive, making you feel at home.
The 50th state of the United States is adorned with beautiful hotels in the classic style and Hispanic art that adorns its streets. You can love New Jersey regardless of age because there is room for everyone in general. It is a very liberal state in your sexual preferences accepting you if you are gay, lesbian, or bisexual.
You can have more than ten natural parks available throughout NJ for you to visit at ease at any time. These parks are divided between the ten counties that distinguish the state and not only in its capital. You only have to visit these parks with a tour guide not to miss a bit of the wonder they offer you.
It is time for you to know which the most popular parks in New Jersey are so that you plan your visit. You must learn the parks’ location and the characteristics for which they are the best. Finally, you have to know the advantages that each natural park in NJ offers you to enjoy them.
Among the most popular parks in New Jersey are:
Wawayanda State Park
If you are looking for very long trails and a whole nature reserve that makes it up, you should go to Wawayanda State Park. You will have up to 16 routes for trails to run or enjoy nature present. The trails are around 10 km long and approximately 400 meters high for you to enjoy.
The advantages of visiting Wawayanda State are:
You can enjoy at least 16 trails
Has forests, trees, and lakes
It is available to money changers
You can go every day to tour it
Located in Passaic County

Palisades Interstate park
If you want to go to a more mountainous park in NJ with open trails and a perfect view of the lake, go to palisades. You can enjoy the best made up of 9 incredible routes throughout the ostentatious forest. You can travel from 3 to 9 km on each of the trails making your visit unforgettable.
As a hiker, you gain some advantages by visiting the Palisades Interstate Park such as:
You can camp
You have short trails for you to enjoy
Trails are open and mostly near the lake
Access to cyclists is allowed
You can climb
You can fish
Located in Bergen County

Worthington State Forest
Worthington State Forest in western New Jersey is at your disposal for daring hikers like yourself. This park is identified because it has more than 20 trails available for you to run, go by bike, or even by motorcycle. Enjoy the wonderful nature with very high cliffs and a river that stands out in all of nature.
You can take great photos in that park, making your visit very productive. The trails can go from 3 to 30 km for you to walk while enjoying all that nature. Among the advantages that you have when visiting this park are:
Many cliffs to explore
It has several trails where the complexity of the walk changes
You have a beautiful view of the Delaware River
It is very popular in New Jersey, so that you will have tourism
Located in Warren County

High Point State Park
If you want a very long path that helps you reflect and attract the greatest positivism of nature, visit High Point. This natural park has up to 16 trails for you to walk along with your friends. On average, each path in the park is 5 to 40 km long, covering a large area for you to walk or bike.
As a nature lover, you will feel integrated with this park to fish in its river. The most striking attraction in the park is the High point monument, located 1,800 feet above the sea. You can take a fantastic photo at this point with the monument wherein the background you can see part of New Jersey.
Among the benefits you can take when visiting Worthington State Forest are:
Has the best views of New Jersey
It is a forest with very tall trees and excellent contrast
You can visit it every day from 8 am to 8 pm
Available for cyclists
You can climb
Joins the New York border
Located in Sussex County

Cheesequake State Park
With up to 6 trails available, you can go all over the Cheesequake state park to lose yourself in nature. It is good to visit this park in the wintertime because the natural contrast is enormous. You may notice how the trails go from 1 to 5 km, being quite short for you to travel now.
What identifies this park as one of the best in its category is its small trees and open surfaces. You can walk its distinctive bridges where it will allow you to take a great photo for social media. Among the advantages that you can have when visiting cheesecake state park are:
Short trails
Useful for cyclists, runners, and walkers
It has a very low cost to enter
Located in Middlesex County

Hacklebarney State Park
When you are a fisherman, this passion goes on your New Jersey vacation. You have to go to Hacklebarney Park. You can enjoy very short trails that allow you to reach its streams for you to fish. It is a park where campers, walkers, and hikers like you who love nature are allowed.
Many wildlife surrounded by birds, marmots, black bears, foxes, and deer dominate. It is a very beautiful state park that you have to visit when you are in New Jersey without hesitation. Among the benefits you gain from going to Hacklebarney Park are:
Fishing is allowed
Has a lot of wildlife
You can have an excursion at all hours
Has many strange plants
Located in Morris County
Now that you know the six natural parks in New Jersey, you have to motivate yourself to visit them and enjoy their advantages. They are parks where you can easily integrate with nature and thus be able to spend a different day with your family. You must ask about the layout of each of the parks and the costs to enter them.

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