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There are many lighthouse museums that you can visit to discover all its curiosities in the world. In Greek, the lighthouse has the meaning of light or shine and has been used for many years. From the first years of navigation, maritime signals were used, as they were the easiest way to explore trade routes.
For historians, the beginning of the lighthouse has its origin in the conquest of Egypt by Alexander the Great. This first lighthouse was 180 meters high with a square base, and a mosque on the top. The fire was used for lighting, which functioned as a good lighting system.
Since then, the lighthouse was one of the most important tools for navigators who used it as a guide, especially at night. The southern countries were joining the use of the lighthouse, and in addition to fire, they used other elements such as olive oil, and later oil.
Most of the lighthouses built in ancient times were destroyed. Some of the more recent lighthouses have also been destroyed but have been restored to become museums.
Today, lighthouses are used to show this tool’s importance in maritime life. That is why, although there are thousands of museums in the world, the lighthouse museums are very special. You can find many archaeological histories, paintings, Egyptian busts, and much more in them.
In the lighthouse museums, you can also appreciate the tools used by the lighthouse keepers daily to get the most out of the use of lighthouses.
What is the most famous lighthouse in the world?
One of the most famous lighthouses in history is the Eddystone Lighthouse, and Henry Winstanley of Littlebury built it in 1696. This lighthouse has a model that was the inspiration for creating many more in the world. Due to the different time changes, this lighthouse has been affected due to deterioration.
In fact, in 1703, this lighthouse was destroyed by a storm since one of its parts was built of wood. But in 1706, it was again built with more resistant materials not to be endangered by the storms.
If this lighthouse has caught your attention, many more are part of history and are still built. For lovers of the maritime sector, it is the fact that a lighthouse now functions as a museum is a great opportunity to have more knowledge of this element.
Do you want to visit a lighthouse museum?
At this time, you may have the opportunity to visit a lighthouse museum near you, or in a city where you go on vacation. The reality is that there are many lighthouses around the world, and there are many that now function as a museum and have very interesting elements.
Municipal Museum of Faro
This museum has great historical importance, since it has a lot of interesting documentation among its archives. The city where this lighthouse is located has a lot of history and a heritage charm that makes it one of the best museums in the lighthouse. This is one of the oldest museums, although other lighthouses also function as museums.
Creac’h Lighthouse
This lighthouse is also known as the sea’s guardian and is one of the most important French lighthouses. This lighthouse is located in the archipelago of Iles du Ponant, so it is part of the Armorica Regional Natural Park.
In 1863 it was lit for the first time, and since 1988, it has functioned only as a museum that you can attend as a visitor. The maritime signage is full of many curiosities, and in this museum, you can learn about its details and other relevant historical data.
Santa Marta Lighthouse
The Santa Marta lighthouse is located in Portugal and others that have become very important. This lighthouse is very striking from a distance due to its picturesque design and stands 28 meters high.
This tower is painted with blue stripes, making it look like a postcard. Only, the construction of this lighthouse makes it visited by many tourists annually. A museum is located where you can see the history of all the Estoril gears, since they were the first built in this Country.
Lighthouse Museum “Federico R. Alc√©rreca
This museum is located in Mexico, and it was named is in honor of its founder. This is one of the most important architectural pieces in the city. This lighthouse has a very important meaning for the inhabitants of this region.
As it was no longer used, this building was abandoned, but was later rescued, and today it works as a museum. This museum has five rooms where you can see all the lighthouse history and the navigation that has taken place in this region.
You will also have the opportunity to try a small nautical simulator so that you can have a fun day visiting this lighthouse. If navigation issues attract your attention, you will find much interesting information in this lighthouse museum.
Cabo Vilan lighthouse museum
This lighthouse located in Spain has a lot of history that you will surely want to know. Being a navigational element with so much history, this lighthouse was converted into a museum where you can get a lot of historical information.
During this lighthouse tour, you will learn about the history of the shipwrecks on the Costa Da Morte and the lighthouses. For your enjoyment of your stay at the lighthouse, there will be video projections, viewing panels, and much more. You can also see real pieces used by lighthouse keepers of the past.
Museum of the sea
Although it is small, this lighthouse is spectacular, and you should visit it to learn a little more about it. The locals close to this lighthouse are a historical symbol and represent the Galician coast. Sometimes it is used as a viewpoint as it provides an incredible view, and through it, you can see other lighthouses nearby.
In this view of the estuary, you can also see old factories, boats, beaches, and people who are used to walking in the sea. And if you go to the viewpoint at the right time of sunset, you can see the sunset in the Vigo estuary, which is considered one of the most beautiful shows globally.
Would you like to go to a lighthouse museum?
As you can see, there are many lighthouse museums where you can enjoy many cities’ sailing history. It is very exciting to see real pieces used by lighthouse keepers in the past. Knowing the curiosities surrounding this important element for those who make life maritime is very interesting.
If you have the opportunity to visit a lighthouse museum, make the most of it.

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