Moving to Canada: All the Cities you Should Scope Out 

Canada has always been a popular destination for people to relocate to and there’s no surprise as to why- the spectacular scenery, welcoming communities, and endless opportunities that are at stake make it the perfect place for all the family! There are so many cities in Canada that it would be very difficult to explore them all, but why not look into what some of them have to offer and scope out those which tickle your fancy?!  


If you live for the glitz and the glam then Toronto is the place for you! Be ready for the hustle and bustle as Toronto is the biggest city in Canada and will definitely live up to all your expectations! Let’s just say you will definitely never get bored, the city is so full of life and there is literally something to please everyone- whether you’re a fan of sightseeing, a shopaholic, love a bit of photography or would rather go on a bar crawl!  


A fan of the simpler things in life? Edmonton is the place for you- the perfect place to roam around and take things slow. Elk Island National Park is very popular for a family day out; you can walk around the park, feed the animals, do a spot of photography or have a picnic and enjoy the fresh air. Edmonton is a city with a lot of cleaning service companies and the people of Edmonton are very dedicated to keeping the streets clean, safe, and attractive- they even host an annual national clean-up where locals are encouraged to pick up litter, tend to any greenery and remove graffiti from places where it does not belong. This is how the city has a reputation of being very clean and vibrant.  


A massive foodie? Is food the way to your heart? Love trying loads of different foods? Then Vancouver is calling your name! You can never really appreciate just how good ‘Canadian’ food is until you have been to Vancouver, the city is home to a variety of high-end, award-winning restaurants, where you can expect nothing less than perfect food, no matter your preferences. Seafood lovers literally travel miles to Vancouver, for, you guessed it… the best seafood! No frozen fish here, everything is caught locally and served fresher than fresh- whether it be shrimp, octopus, lobster, you name it. Vancouver is also very high up in the list of cities with the best quality of life… but of course! Who could be sad with all that yummy food on offer, right? 


Montreal is a great city for you social butterflies out there due to it being so diverse and the most bilingual city in Canada, you can meet so many interesting people and learn new things about their culture. There are loads of different nationalities, religions, and societies that are welcomed and celebrated here, meaning everyone is made to feel at home. You can also explore the history of the city by visiting the museums, galleries, and landmarks that Montreal has to offer, everything is so interesting that it would be impossible not to immerse yourself in the culture.  




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