Organize your wedding in New Jersey: Know the best places to do it

If you want to marry your love, you should think about it as a nice place to do it. When you live in New York, you don’t have many options to choose from because you will only have one party room available. In New Jersey, you have the solution to your problems so that you can get married, celebrate your life and enjoy yourself in the best natural environment.
New Jersey is the state where most weddings are organized in North America because many areas lend themselves to it. If you want to get involved surrounded by nature, big trees, or even near the lake, you can do it in NJ. In this state, you can also fulfill your dreams of getting married in front of the sea to have an unforgettable celebration.
You have to look at the best places where you can get married in New Jersey and inquire about their availability. Some of these places are free to use, and others need a previous reservation. You just have to inform yourself about it. You can visit botanical gardens, ranches, a forest with many pine trees, and others to organize the wedding that you are waiting for so long:
Farms of Perona
You have to head north to NJ and locate Perona farms throughout Sussex County. It is a comfortable, very natural place that allows you to take incredible photographs in the best country style you can imagine. You can organize your wedding with more than 250 guests and have enough space to enjoy a dance.
The farm itself will be decorated to give a god feeling to your celebration due to its classic wooden construction. You will have a very original environment surrounded by tiny plants that will give you a clear landscape for you to enjoy.
Village of Waterloo
If you are looking for history and romance for your wedding, you can go to the Village of Waterloo in the county of Sussex. You will have a 19th-century barn for you to have a traditional New Jersey wedding in the area. After the reservation, you will have a very close shop, mills, churches, and a blacksmith that is part of history.
You can celebrate your wedding outdoors to have some medium-height trees in the background. You can direct your guests to the pavilion or the nearby meeting house for the wedding reception. You can have around 200 guests, and to save money after your reservation at Waterloo, they will include bar and catering services.
Vineyards of Unión Ville
It would be best if you prioritized the Victorian homes in the Union Village north of Trenton in New Jersey. In this place, you will have a dream wedding where the atmosphere, background, and reception are perfect. The villa creates a very romantic atmosphere where you can marry your loved one and make her never forget the moment.
The Villa Unión mansion is almost seven decades old since its construction is well equipped and ready for the reception. You can invite up to 200 people for the celebration where they will enjoy the services such as the wine tasting room.

Inn at Fernbrook Farms
To get married to the best farmer style in New Jersey, you have to go to the Inn at Fernbrook Farms. You will have at your disposal more than 200 acres of land to cultivate where you will have some wonderful photographs of your celebration. This area has many places open for you to celebrate your wedding and invite as many people as possible.
You can visit Fernbrook Farms with the sundial garden, the large lawn, and the old house among the romantic places. You can make your reception near these areas after making your reservation months before. Something extra that the inn at Fernbrook Farms offers you is that you can stay with your guests to keep the party going.
Bear Brook Valley
You will have the perfect combination of a modern farmhouse environment when you come to the Bear Brook Valley. In this place, you can celebrate your wedding that will undoubtedly be unforgettable because of the photographs that you will take. Bear Brook has an amazing pond shaped like a heart and a couple of waterfalls for you to admire.
You can have your wedding reception in the great room with an included terrace where the service includes a lot of beer. If your guests have children, you can have them distract themselves in the preparation area where there are video game consoles. The whole place prepares you to have an incredible wedding where you will celebrate with the desired number of guests.
Cecil Creek Farm
Located a few hours from New Jersey’s capital, you can organize your wedding at Cecil Creek Farm. It is a small farm where you can have a large reception accompanied by at least 250 guests. The site has a very traditional appearance with a ranch built with wood and just like its walls.
You will have more than 42 acres at the farm site to host an outdoor wedding. You will enjoy a kitchen, tables, chairs, and a bar service within the service if you need it at the wedding.
Fell Stone Mansion
To have your wedding in an elegant and very charming place, you can go to the Fell Stone Mansion in NJ. With more than 40 acres, the mansion is available for you to organize your dream party. It is a mansion built in 1920 that has a barn for the celebration giving a very rustic style.
When you propose to organize your wedding at the mansion, you will enjoy many services included in the reservation. You can have all the tables, bar. Chef Becky Geisel can cook for you and other innovations.
WoodsEdge Farm
It is one of the largest farms you will find in New Jersey, allowing you to invite more than 500 people. You can make a reservation at the WoodsEdge farm for the summertime and enjoy their amazing photos. It has a very country atmosphere where you can fulfill your goals in having a simple but special wedding.
The Loft at Jack’s Barn
You can find a discreet place to organize your wedding in New Jersey, such as the loft at jack’s barn. This place will host 100 guests giving an outdoor celebration accompanied by an incredible natural background. It is a very flat but useful place for you to decorate it at ease and thus have the wedding that you have wanted so much.
To locate this farm, you have to go north of Warren County until you finally get to the place. After booking you will have tables, chairs, fountains, trees around you and a small house available. This place is ideal for you to organize the wedding as you like in an intimate environment where only your loved ones will accompany you.

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