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New Jersey is one of the states that make up the United States, and its capital is Trenton. It is a state located in Philadelphia and New York’s metropolitan areas.
Despite being one of the smallest states, it has many world-class tourist sites and attractions. New Jersey has national parks, museums, recreational sites, restaurants, etc. You will have a great time with all that this small state has to explore.
A great place to start your trip around the state is on the state’s Atlantic coast. You can visit any of its picturesque port towns. Atlantic City is a good start to get to know the state.
New Jersey’s Best Places
Atlantic City
In New Jersey, one of the most popular places is Atlantic City. It is known for its Boardwalk, from its inauguration until today. It remains one of the most outstanding walks in the city. One of the sites that stand out the most is the Steel Pier amusement park. This is a carnival-style park that offers games and attractions for the whole family.
It has a large observation wheel with gondolas that offers visitors a spectacular view of the ocean and the city.
You can enjoy the popular electric tram, the rickshaw-type wheelchairs, and the bicycle rental. All the options allow you to walk or have fun along the boardwalk. They offer you several historical and cultural places such as the aquarium, the Absecon lighthouse, and Boardwalk Hall. The latter offers important events and concerts.
You can also enjoy the Entrance to the Stars, where you can see the hands of great celebrities like Frank Sinatra.
The Adventure Aquarium
New Jersey also offers you the famous Adventure Aquarium located on the Delaware River in Camden. This aquarium is very popular and is considered one of the best-equipped water attractions in the United States. It has more than 8,500 marine animals to find sea turtles, sharks, manta rays, penguins, and more.
It is also known to be the only aquarium in the world to have hippos. You will see what these animals are like in their habitats and get to know them more closely. You will have the best encounter with rays and sharks in the water!
Old Victorian Cape May
Cape May is one of the attractions that New Jersey has to offer. It is a very touristy place, and 6 of the country’s presidents had summer houses in that place. This place offers you the Yankee; it is a schooner or ship 80 feet high that allows you to tour the port. It also offers cruises where you can see whales and spectacular dolphins.
It is a place that attracts many tourists for its famous Cape May Point lighthouse, which was built in 1859. They also have very beautiful beaches and Victorian-style vacation homes.
One example you can find is the Emlen Physick Estate, a museum. It was built in 1879 and served as an example to learn about the time and the American Stick’s architectural style.

Cape May County Park and Zoo
This May Cape County public park and zoo is another of New Jersey’s most popular tourist spots. It is a place that you can visit with the whole family because it has countless activities that will make you have a good time.
Admission is free and offers many facilities to enjoy biking and walking trails. It has a barbecue and picnic tables so you can make your meals and have a nice day with fantastic scenery.
It has a disc golf course, tennis courts, volleyball courts, outdoor juice venues, and much more. The zoo part was added to the park in 1978, and over the years, it has grown to have incredible species, both exotic and native.
You can find species such as the African lion, the bald eagle, the zebra, the ring-tailed lemur, the giraffe, and many more zoo animals. If you want a guided tour, you only have to pay a fee, and you can have a special view of the care of the animals and have encounters with camels, giraffes, reptiles, and primates.
Liberty State Park
This part offers you beautiful views of Liberty Island, Upper New York Bay, and Ellis Island, where the Statue of Liberty is. It has landmarks such as the 36-acre tidal-salt Communipaw Cove swamp. In total, Liberty State Park has 1,212 acres that are along the water.
Many monuments are very interesting and worth seeing inside the park, such as Liberation. This is a monument that is dedicated to the Holocaust. There is also the Empty Sky. This is a 210 feet long monument with two steel walls with the names of the 9/11 victims.
This park also has recreational facilities such as fishing, picnicking, biking, and kayaking.
City of Princeton and Battlefield State Park
This is a small town established in 1756. Princeton has a reputation for its university and the Institute for Advanced Study, where Albert Einstein did his final work. The school has up to 1,600 acres, making it an ideal place to walk and explore.
They offer guided tours for one hour guided by students and allow you to know the place. You can also visit the Battlefield State Park, where Princeton’s battle took place in 1777. They also offer you other places such as the Clarke House museum built in 1772 and was used as a hospital by British troops and Americans.
You will see an Ionian colonnade and a monument with American soldiers and British soldiers’ graves.
The Battleship New Jersey
The most decorated United States Navy ship is the New Jersey mammoth and is now a floating museum moored to the Delaware River. This ship is one of the largest ever built and was launched in 1942.
You will be able to visit its huge 16-inch guns and the bridge where Halsey led the Pacific Fleet. On tour, you will see exhibits related to this ship’s participation in conflicts such as World War II and the Middle East conflict in 1980.
You can get one of their tour packages to watch the sunset from the ship and spend a night on board.

Thomas Edison National Historical Park
Another mandatory visit to New Jersey is to go to Thomas Edison’s home and laboratory. They are inside the Thomas Edison National Historical Park. This is where sound recordings, drums, and film cameras came out for the first time.
You can look at the labs, see original artifacts, and old movies. Plus, tour Glenmont, Edison’s stunning 29-room Queen Anne-style mansion.

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