Visit the Lighthouse Museum on Staten Island in western New York

If you are walking around New York and want to know a little more history, you need to go to the Lighthouse Museum. This museum is the best that the state has by making you know the importance of these lighthouses. You can have the best headlight displays, how they work and what are the vantage points to locate them.
New York is a beautiful city and much loved by tourists like you who dare to visit it at any time. There is no perfect time for you to know its history and how a lighthouse illuminates the Big Apple. This museum is located on Staten Island to visit anytime you have free.
The museum’s location has some history dating back to 1799, where it was the “new york marine hospital” or “the Quarantine.” This place was the storage area for all immigrants who wanted to enter the country to fulfill the American dream. It was a hospital where he collected a dozen immigrants with cholera, smallpox, yellow fever, typhus, among other diseases.
For the next few years, the hospital’s operation “the quarantine” was deteriorating until finally, it did not provide its operations. In 1850 many locals lit the series of buildings that made up the hospital as a sign of protest. In 1862 a part of these burned buildings rebuilt to give use to the United States of America’s lighthouse service or USLHS.
On this site, all the headlight lenses were built and maintained to work in their different built places. As technology advanced, headlight lenses’ maintenance was no longer necessary, so by 1965, the place was closed. After a decade in 1978, the plan started for the old hospital and later lighthouse service to become a museum.
Find out how popular the Lighthouse museum has been made
Now that you know a bit of history about where the lighthouse museum is located, you should know its popularity level. This historic site is popular with Staten Islanders and immigrants who love its history. Among the things you can see near the national lighthouse museum in New York are:
In its surroundings you can enjoy a beautiful town with very receptive inhabitants that will make you feel at home. You can tour all of Staten Island and have the best restaurants, shops, and its lighthouse museum available. It is a very touristy area where you will also come across inhabitants and foreigners from different regions.
From your location on Staten Island, you can go to New Jersey and enjoy many extra tourist areas. In NJ, you can also access the Barnegat light museum, where its history is of interest. You can take an incredible tour of the historical sites of NY and then move to NJ in a few minutes.
When you go to Staten Island, you have to go through Upper New York Bay, which has gained Ellis Island popularity. In this area is the statue of liberty that is world-renowned. You may be in awe of the Statue of Liberty and its magnificent size of 93 meters at ground level.
Inside the lighthouse museum, you can find excellent information about these elements that illuminate the high seas. It is a museum frequented by schools so that children can learn a little about American history. The center is very active every day except for Mondays when it does not open its facilities.
Things you can do at the National Lighthouse Museum
If you dare to visit the National Lighthouse Museum in New York, you should know what the things that you can do. You will never be bored in this museum, even though the lighthouses do not have many interesting clues in their history. It is a very museum with very attractive information in which you will understand a little of its history without much effort.
Among the main exhibits that you will enjoy inside the lighthouse museum are:
Lighthouse timeline
It is a graphical timeline that illustrates and details the entire world history that encompasses lighthouses. You can learn about using the first lighthouses in Alexandria for the period 280 BC and how useful they were. This schedule will mark the most important years of the lighthouse until today, where they are still in use.
You can see amazing illustrations created by designers locally or from other parts of the United States. It is very good information to learn about lighthouses and their importance in guiding boats.
Light walls
The first exhibit that you can see inside the lighthouse museum is the great wall of lights. This wall comprises more than 170 models of lighthouses that existed or are still present in the 29 states of America. Among the miniature version’s lighthouses, you can see the one in Ocean City in New Jersey.
It is very well worth admiring and taking pictures to express how happy you are when visiting the lighthouse museum. Since their inception, these exhibits have been years by the best miniature sculptors in the region.
Don’t miss out on the special exhibits at the Lighthouse Museum
Each month there is a list of special exhibits at the lighthouse museum that you can enjoy at any time. You must keep an eye on the museum publications to know what new works will be released. There are also exhibits for children in this museum in case your children are interested in history.
An event that will never be forgotten at the lighthouse museum was “a woman lights the lights of Florida,” dating from a painting. In this painting, you could see how the artist Romagen Personne unfolded, expressing his feelings on canvas. The exhibition will be presented in March in tribute to Women’s Day and free access.
You only have to be attentive to the next events that will be held in the museum and so you can know part of Staten Island. When you go to the museum, you must go all over the city searching for the best restaurants. The city is a museum, but it is fun, and you will see it present in each of the streets that make it up.
Some permanent works in the lighthouse museum are “living in the light,” which are large images of lighthouses. You may be amazed by these works, explaining the creation, use, and innovations that the lighthouse has. You do not have to miss this story that is undoubtedly interesting and worthy of admiration.
When you walk through the museum premises, you can see art in the shape of a lighthouse that creates a pleasant atmosphere. You can also enjoy the flexible displays where you will have fun facts about the lighthouses. If you don’t know how lighthouses are built, how they light up, and why their operation is so important, you have to go to the lighthouse museum.

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