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The National Lighthouse Museum is a museum located on Staten Island, New York, United States. It is a museum dedicated to everything related to lighthouses, history, and guardians. It is one of the attractions they have available if they visit the city.
It is an ideal place for all lighthouses and is located a few meters from the Ferry Terminal. You’ll be able to learn fun facts about lighthouses in the United States, such as: Which is the oldest, which was the first to use electricity, and much more.
This museum is located in the old building of the General Depot of the United States Lighthouse Service.
A Place to Meet In Staten Island, New York
The National Lighthouse Museum is a great place to visit when visiting State Island, New York. Today the museum is open to the public from Wednesday to Sunday from 11 AM to 4 PM. You should know that the museum complies with the new security protocols due to the COVID-19 pandemic to take care of its visitors and workers.
They comply with all current New York State regulations to prevent the spread of the virus and do their job to entertain visitors. If you plan to visit the museum, you must wear a mask and comply with social distancing.
All visitors will have hand sanitizers at their disposal, as well as thermometers. Now guided tours are recommended and have a maximum of 17 people per group.
All people will be able to educate themselves and enjoy the history and technology of lighthouses in the United States. The Headlight Service General Depot was the testing ground, national headquarters, and distribution center for equipment and materials used by USLHS personnel and lighting personnel from 1864 to 1939.
It was a bustling and lively place with 18 buildings in the past. Today there are only six buildings. The museum is in the 1912 USLHS foundry building, which is 2,400 square feet. All visitors can tour the site with self-guided tours so that you can enjoy all the exhibits in the museum.
Among the exhibits are:
• Beacons through time
• Supplying the Nation’s Light Stations: The General Depot
• Optics: Projecting the Light
• Life at the Light: Lighthouse Keepers
• And much more
Additionally, they offer group tours by appointment, monthly conferences, boat tours of the lighthouse from May to October. They also have annual events like the so-called lighthouse weekend that takes place in August and the Lighthouse Point festival that takes place in September.
Do you want to visit the place by boat? You can experience and enjoy the Lighthouse boat tour. It is an adventure out of place that allows you to tour the lighthouse to see other things that are not seen from the land.
You can also see bird sanctuaries and ship cemeteries. Visit the website, and you will learn more about the tours they currently have available.

What to See Inside the National Lighthouse Museum?
All visitors will see the following:
• Exterior visits to building 10
• Historic buildings of the place
• Building 11 and all the exhibitions that currently exist
• Souvenir and gift shop so that they have a memory of the place
• Panoramic views from Pier 1 of New York Harbor
History of the National Lighthouse Museum
This museum is located on the United States Lighthouse Service General Depot. You can find it on the north shore of Staten Island. You should remember that the museum and gift shop is currently open to the public from Wednesday to Sunday from 11 AM to 4 PM.
Creating the museum was born out of the interest of preserving, educating, and knowing the history of navigation of the lighthouses. All of this is being lost to technology and the use of GPS, solar panels, and many more gadgets.
There was a threat to destroy all the lighthouses, but the local community wanted to preserve the structure. This threat to destroy these legendary monuments started a great wave of support to defend and conserve the lighthouses.
This surge of support to restore Fire Island Light was the inspiration to create an organization called the American Lighthouse Coordinating Committee. This committee aimed to find a place for the construction of a national museum to carry this preservation and future generations could know this history.
In 1998, a request for proposal was issued by the ALCC at the national level to create a National Lighthouse Center and Museum. Across the United States, 17 proposals were submitted, and after deliberations and presentations, the former St. George Coast Guard Station was chosen as the winner.
This location was also the Staten Island Quarantine War location and the former New York Marine Hospital. Thanks to its historical importance and location in one of the country’s busiest ports, this place was selected.
Lighthouse Museum- A Beautiful Place To Visit
This place is very close to the St George Terminal and the Staten Island Ferry’s, and this was also a point in its favor to choose it. Only the ferry sees millions of tourists, and it is a great opportunity to have a museum in that place. Attracting tourists was the best economic and cultural opportunity for Staten Island. In that sense, the governor of New York gave his support.
The New York State Board of Regents introduced the Museum Charter to the National Lighthouse Center and Museum on November 9, 2001. Fundraising struggled, and by 2000, they had only raised 2% of the% 5 million dollars they needed to start operations.
This resulted in the museum’s opening being postponed from 2001 to 2003. This museum board was dissolved in 2009, and all officials spoke of the slow collection after the September 11 attacks. They also commented on the budget increase that was already 15 million dollars.
To date, the EDC (New York City Economic Development Corporation) had already spent a total of $ 8 million to secure the structure at the Coast Guard Station. John Catsimatidis, in 2013 donated the amount of $105,000 to the museum. Finally, in 2015, the museum was opened inside the old foundry.
Building 11 is currently a home to the Educational Resource Center of the National Lighthouse Museum. Some original buildings like the administrative building, the barracks, and the lamp shops are still on the site.
The National Lighthouse Museum is a great place for you to learn about America’s lighthouse sailing history. You will have a pleasant time and enjoy extraordinary views that will make your trip more pleasant.

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