Why Texas is the Next Hottest Travel Destination

Texas is the second-largest US state by both area and population and shares its borders with Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, and Tamaulipas. It also borders Mexico and has been influenced greatly, with many Mexican inhabitants in Texas. The question is, why is Texas the hottest next travel destination that should be on everyone’s mind! Here I will be breaking down some of the reasons you need to visit Texas. 

How about some THC? 

Delta-8 THC products are found in smoke shops in Texas and can be consumed in many different forms, such as vape, bud, sweets and crisps. For this reason, this article discusses the legalities of delta 8 in Texas to ensure that people are keeping safe and not consuming the illegal relative to delta-8, which is delta-9. Remember, safety is important when consuming THC, make sure you are with people who you trust and can rely on.  


When do you think of a cowboy what comes to mind? Texas! You cannot separate the two from each other, they are associated with the image of a cowboy, and this is not a wrong association to make! The abundance of cattle since the civil war has meant that people in Texas use this to their advantage and make a show of it! Fort Worth, in Texas, is home to some of the biggest and most popular rodeos in America, so be sure to check it out. 

Food food and Food!  

Everything in Texas is bigger! And that includes the food! Big meats, big BBQ’s, big flavours and delicious sauces mix the native American and Mexican culture to make a perfect American cuisine to die for. A smoked Texas brisket will even turn vegan. It is exclusive to Texas whereby they have special machinery and BBQ’s to ensure that the meat is smoked at optimal temperatures with the perfect amount of seasoning- they don’t do flavourless food down south! There are other choices from breakfast tacos, pecan pralines, Bluebell ice cream, authentic BBQ sauce, Taco Cabana, Frito pies and many more! If you are a true foodie then Texas is the place for you, don’t hesitate, just travel down there is so much to eat and see! 


NASA is situated in Texas, and you can visit the special space centre where we’ve all heard the classic line ‘Houston, we’ve had a problem’. It is one of the only places in the world where you can actually see astronauts training to go to space- if that’s not a deal-breaker for you then I don’t know what is! You even have the chance to go around and touch items from outer space and get exclusive stamps on your passports to say you’ve been to the Space centre.  

Sheer size difference! 

Texas is truly massive, measuring from north to south it is over 580 miles long, and east to west it is over 733 miles wide. This means there is a lot of exploring to do, with a lot of food to try on the way, and rodeos and ranches to visit, you will never have a boring day when you are in Texas. There is however also a lot of open space in Texas, which allows for the wildlife to blossom and bloom, such as the highways being completely full of multi-mix colour of wildflowers, including the official state flower called the Texas Bluebonnet. During the springtime, fields will be full of bluebonnets which make for beautiful pictures and a scenic view mimicking the colour of the blue sea.  

El Paso 

The history of El Paso separates it from the other hiking destinations, over four centuries native Americans, Mexicans, Spanish and western civilisation have shaped and moulded what is now El Paso, so it has a lot of cultural and historical significance to it. With an average of 302 days of sunshine, it has also been nicknamed Sun City, which is perfect for a day of adventure and exploring the mountains scenes of El Paso. The importance of connecting nature cannot go amiss and seems to be underappreciated these days.   

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